Monday, July 18, 2016

I Suppose

I suppose I could complain
About how tough my life can be
About how I’ve been done wrong and hurt
About all those who were mean to me

I suppose that I could grumble
And blame my trouble on others
And lament how much better it would be
If not for that church of hypocritical sisters and brothers

I suppose that I could fuss
And refuse to look inside
And realize my trouble is of my own making
Instead of running away to hide

I suppose that I could murmur
And get others to feel bad for me
To gently pat me on my back
And illicit all their sympathy

But should I choose
To cry and complain
The bound will stay bound
And the addicted the same

And If I choose to take my ball
and run away and caterwaul
Broken families remain Broken
Stuck with no hope at all

The Devil will laugh
 The sinner stays lost
Another life may leave this Earth
Having never heard of Christ and His Cross

Because while I moan
While I selfishly grumble
Christ cannot use me
To reach a life that has crumbled

So instead of complaining
And fussing and such
I will choose to stay faithful
And see that I’ve been blessed so much

For to live my life focused only on me
Is a life that I refuse
To die having wasted my very breath
Instead of giving God my breath to use

Because I have been chosen
To shine a light
To offer hope
In the darkest night

And on the day
When my last breath I take
I want to have given all I could
To share the Love of God and for the Gospel’s sake

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