Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just Thinking.....About Truth

Truth cannot be changed by those who are offended by it, disagree with it, hate it or hate others over it.

Truth is unmoved by presidential decree, congressional approval or judicial justification.

Truth cannot be shaped by cultural beliefs, trends, political correctness or childish intimidation.

You cannot friend or unfriend enough people to make a lie the truth. You cannot post enough on social media to justify falsehood.

Truth will not be affected by attacking the intelligence of those who stand for it. If you must insult others intelligence to try and force your opinion then your argument may not be as strong as you suppose.

Contrary to popular belief, truth is not, and cannot by definition, be relative. If something is true then something that is opposed to that truth must, again by definition, be untrue. One's experience or upbringing does not define truth. It may be a factor in shaping a point of view but it does not define truth. Culture, experience, upbringing, education and a host of other factors may be relative, but truth never is.

Therefore, those who know the truth have no need to be offended by, disrespect or hate those who choose to embrace a lie. To stand on the side of truth is its own justification. Hatred and disrespect only make you look like the one hating you. Hate will not overcome hate. The obligation of those who stand on the side of truth is to, without compromise, share that truth with anyone and everyone. Many will not believe.

It is all but guaranteed that you will be hated for sharing the truth. Do not return hate for hate. This is not the Kingdom of God.

You will be in the minority of popular opinion if you stand for the truth. (It is also important to understand truth is not determined by how many people believe it.) Remain unaffected. Keep your focus on truth.

Truth will be the only thing that still exists when cultural trends and political correctness have all passed. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me." Jesus Christ is the unchanging truth. His word is truth and it will stand forever. This will never change.

In the end, it is each ones prerogative whether to accept Christ as the truth or not. However, Christ and His Word will remain standing whether they are accepted or not. All roads do not lead to Heaven. There is only one.

Sin and unrighteousness will separate you from God. What is Sin? Sin is what God defines it to be, not what humanity wishes it to be. This cannot be changed by opinion either. It can only be known through the Word of God and it can only be remedied by accepting Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and asking him for forgiveness. Truth.

I invite anyone who would read this to accept that truth. You do not have to. It is your choice. If not, I as a believer in Christ can still have respect for you and care for you. I will pray that one day you will come to know and accept the truth. It really is a life and death decision. I would expect the same respect from you, but I am prepared for it not to be reciprocated. Speaking truth sometimes has that affect.

I will end with this. If you really seek the truth, you will find it. When you find it you will discover that it is Jesus. He Loves you. He always has. God Bless, Tom