Monday, March 25, 2019

Just Thinking...... About Loving like I have been loved.

For the follower of Christ, showing love to those who do not believe like you or are "sinners" does not take away from your faith. It does not compromise truth or negatively affect your relationship with God. In fact, it makes you more like Jesus. It makes you obedient to Christ's new command to love others as He has loved you. Jesus really said that. It's in the book!

You may actually find that an intentional effort to behave in a loving way opens more doors to speak real truth than our current version of faith which is more concerned about sharing "truth" than in seeing the love of God come alive in those who do not believe. We cannot be satisfied with proclaiming "truth" that never leads anyone to the knowledge of Christ's love. This is not the kind of truth that Jesus proclaimed. It is religious pablum.

It is the love and kindness of God that leads others to repentance. That's actually in the Bible too....... New Testament even. You can look it up. :)

Let God use YOU to reflect that love and kindness to those who don't look like you, act like you or believe like you. You may be shocked at the result because a God-inspired love will be backed up by The Holy Spirit. Consequently, the same Holy Spirit will bring the fruit of changed lives. Simply because you chose to be good to someone who many may not consider to be worthy of your goodness. However, never forget that God was good to you before you were ever worthy of his goodness. In fact, we are still not worthy of his goodness. He extends it to us anyway. A thought worthy of consideration.

There is a caveat to this though in that many who subscribe to the philosophy that forcing "truth" on sinners is more important than changed lives will not like your commitment to love. However, you are not obligated to please those folks. The only responsibility we have is to please God and show the love of Christ to the world. If you are good with God, you are good, period. No need to concern yourself with anything or anybody else. May the love of God reflected in our lives not only change the lives of the unbelievers but the believers as well. God Bless you today and I hope you have a Great day. #TRCLove #LoveIsGreater