Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christians killed for.........being Christians

As U.S. Citizens we complain about so many things, even in the church. When you read a story like this though it kind of brings things into perspective about how easy we have it. At least right now. The real problem is this kind of stuff is happening all over every day, it just doesn't get press attention. For more info. you can check out voice of the martyrs at

From 8/12/09

Four Christians working for an NGO that helps orphans in Somalia have been beheaded by al-Shabaab, according to the human rights watchdog International Christian Concern.
The Christian orphanage workers were reportedly kidnapped on July 27 in the coastal Somali town Marka, some 56 miles from Mogadishu.
The reported executions come as residents of Mogadishu say the extremist group has been forcibly removing their gold and silver teeth using rough tools — or even just their hands
The group alleges that such artificial teeth are used for fashion and beauty, and therefore break strict Muslim religious law, residents from Marka told Reuters.
Al Shabaab has been rounding up anyone seen with a silver or gold tooth and taking them to a masked man who then rips the teeth out with basic tools, Reuters reported.
"I never thought al Shabaab would see my denture as a sin. They took me to their station and removed my silver tooth," resident Bashir told Reuters.
"I met several men and women whose dentures were being pulled out by a masked man they called a doctor. The doctor used a pincer or his gloved hand depending on the strength of the tooth," Bashir said.
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"As you smile your silver tooth accuses you. I was at a counter with my friend when three armed al Shabaab ordered me to follow them," he added.
"I am afraid they want to make money from taking all this precious metal."
Al Shabaab officials declined to comment.
Al Shabaab, which means "Youth" in Arabic, is an Al Qaeda-inspired militant group that has taken control of large portions of south and central

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